Dead Line

Furthur on Down the Line for Herb Greene Photography

Further 1) (adv.) at or to a more advanced, successful, or desirable stage (see Grateful Dead); 2) (adj.) additional to what already exists or has … More

Flying Trans-Love Airways

In 1970, not long after my electric marriage ceremony to Spencer Dryden, the wildly innovative and bat-shit crazy drummer of Jefferson Airplane, I was enjoying the nanosecond of media attention … More

The language of the Grateful Dead

The language spoken by the Grateful Dead went far beyond the heartfelt bellows of Ron Pigpen McKernan. There was more to it then the ingenious and far-reaching words of a truly gifted lyricist. … More

Hand Me My Old Guitar

They were otherworldly. They spoke to one another in tonalities and rhythms as often as with words and phrases. Their chief orator expressed the gamut of emotion and seemed to do so … More

I fell in love with San Francisco rock & roll thanks to a Herb Greene photo

It was Grace Slick’s eyes, staring out from the cover of the posthumous live album by her erstwhile combo, the Great! Society. Like some psychedelic siren, the bottomless well of her gaze … More