Led Zeppelin Store

By January 1969, Herb’s gift for rock portraiture was well established and countless musical personages, local, national and international, sought out the photographer. This period was to produce some of his best and most celebrated work, and in cases such as this Led Zeppelin shoot, capture a never-to-be-repeated zeitgeist. The quartet that would evolve into the true behemoth of 70s rock and become the most successful British group of the era seem very different in these shots. A different Led Zeppelin. That month they were making their San Francisco debut on their first US tour. Greene’s portraits convey a remarkably innocent troupe, some way from hosting the debauched bacchanals of future legend. Nevertheless, these are still some of the most revealing photographs of Led Zeppelin every taken. Four men on the cusp of rock’n’roll immortality, captured for posterity by the knowing lens of Herb Greene.