Dead Line

Furthur on Down the Line for Herb Greene Photography

Further 1) (adv.) at or to a more advanced, successful, or desirable stage (see Grateful Dead); 2) (adj.) additional to what already exists or has already taken place, been done, or been accounted for; 3) relating or referring to figurative or abstract senses.

The embodiment of a concept, the next stage in the progression that is music, life and all things that matter most. We live, we try, we experience and then we learn. Some of us are in the thick of it; some of us have come through relatively unscathed. Either way, the honoring of the past must be infused with the simple marvel of where we are now. Furthur has taken what we all have known and loved and clutched close to our souls for so many years, and brought it forward. There is no greater trip than the amalgamation of that spirited, celebrated past of the Grateful Dead with today’s brilliance and talent.

Capturing the essence of a generational experience that exists only in our sentimentalities, there is an unparalleled ease and comfort emoted with every note. It’s a surreal experience, to be certain, being present in the moment and yet cast back to the simplicity and purity of memories that need no articulation beyond a content smile.

But the key here has always been to push the experience forward. The images you see sprawled across this amassed collection of captured moments remind us all of what once was. The experience provided by Furthur is a celebration of that past, while remaining rooted in this moment. You can feel Jerry and Ron and other voices lost along the way just off in the background. You know that those who lament that they are no longer with us have not allowed themselves the elated experience that can never die.

Life is an invitation of experience; we need only open ourselves up to the moments that are dancing beyond the horizon. We have to stop attempting to rationalize it and simply allow it to happen. The notes are out there, lingering like a fog before us, we need only stop asking questions and listen. You don’t have to have been there to feel what was felt. There is no age requirement, no minimum number of shows you need to have seen. The music plays interminably.

The rhythmical pattern of life is a wondrous thing. Reliving moments past while forging ahead with a worthy gathering of companions as eager for the ride as they are the destination—that is what it is all about. Whether you are in your room as emotions and memories wax-poetic by candlelight; or you are dancing balcony center to the music only your tape player had previously provided: the moment is equally pure, equally enriching.  There is nothing but promise and possibility at the edge of the rainbow. We have so much further to travel while embracing from where we have come. And the music is the medium. So hold on to your stubs, ladies and gentlemen, and keep looking for that miracle. The serenity is out there, in abundance; we need only seek it out. And if you have come this far, let us implore you to travel onward with us. We cannot be certain where we are headed, but we will explore the unknown together. As the music evolves and transforms our very selves, so too will the music and the photography of Herb Greene bring you all that we have and strive to become. Forever pushing the experience further . . .

Matt Nannis