Dead Line

Hand Me My Old Guitar

They were otherworldly. They spoke to one another in tonalities and rhythms as often as with words and phrases. Their chief orator expressed the gamut of emotion and seemed to do so effortlessly. While the message was perhaps always there, the medium through which it was delivered was a progression of dedicated artistry. The sound stemmed from a voracious and vivacious consumption of musical casts. It satisfies, then, that the man’s guitars were built in an analogous tradition. By skillfully layering various bands of wood together, a rich depth of tonality emanates. They were more than guitars, far more the mere instruments. They were, in and of themselves, artful compositions. Their outward beauty remains a testament to the peerless joy their playing impressed upon generations.  Welcome to “Hand Me My Old Gitar”, the latest gallery from Herb Greene celebrating the tools of genius, the instruments of the Grateful Dead.

Matt Nannis